Cardiff Bay Barrage: the sunset spot that stole lockdown

Lockdown is a scene of content as the sun sets over Cardiff Bay Barrage: cyclists whizz past; dog-walkers stroll with a cup of Coffi Co’s infamous lattes in their hand; kids squeal as they run playfully on the grass; the more reserved read their books quietly as they dip their toes in the cool water. Finished in 1999, Cardiff Bay Barrage has always been a local treasure – a 1.1km stretch that extends from Cardiff docks in the North, to Penarth in the South. This beauty has been well and truly taken advantage of through lockdown as more locals have found the time to explore their beloved city.

The Barrage features locks and bridges, sluice gates and a fish pass. It also has plenty of space where visitors can promenade and picnic, with superb views looking out over the inner Bay and sea. There’s a quirky park for young ones to enjoy, as well as a skateboarding area for those looking for a bit more of an adrenaline thrill.

Looking to take your inner adrenaline junkie out on the water? Cardiff Jet offers a rush of speed and thrills around the Bay, whereas Cardiff’s Aquabus offers Bay cruises, as well as a useful City-Bay link for those looking to navigate around the city on water.

If sitting quietly and admiring the landscape is more your thing, then there are plenty of spots to perch yourself down on. Whether you fancy packing yourself some sandwiches that you’ve made beforehand in your apartment and sitting close to the cygnets that paddle calmly alongside their mother, or appreciating the views whilst dining at The Custom House, the scenery is truly something to value.

So, if you’re staying with us in Cardiff, we’d highly recommend a trip down to the city’s infamous sunset spot. Head down towards Mermaid Quay and you’ll see the Barrage – you can’t miss it! You can either go on foot or rent a nextbike. Once down the Bay, our favourite route is to pass the Wales Millennium Centre and Welsh Parliament/Senedd Cymru on our left, and follow the water around until we see the well-known shipping containers that is Coffi Co (we kinda sprint to here – gotta get that caffeine fix, y’know?). Once at Coffi Co, follow the road around – just head towards the water! Within minutes you’ll realise you’re strolling happily along Cardiff Bay Barrage…

…breathing in sea-salty air and eyeing-up wonderful views… you’re welcome.

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