Having to travel through Covid? Stay in a serviced apartment.

Covid-19 has stormed 2020, bringing with it many months of uncertainty and change for us all across the globe. Amidst the pandemic, everyone wants to stay as safe as they can. DYZYN Living strives to provide exactly that – a secure, reassuring space that allows maximum productivity.

Despite the widespread outbreak, business travel has not come to a complete standstill. Employees are still undertaking essential business trips, and are often faced with the dilemma of whether to proceed with the planned business trip or not. Considering the widespread panic, the local lockdowns and all the restrictions, wondering whether to go ahead with your trip is completely normal.

For those who are of two minds regarding their business trip, choosing accommodation that you trust to keep you safe can help alleviate some of that uncertainty. This is where serviced apartments take the limelight.


In hotels, the increased merry-go-round footfall makes it impossible for hotel cleaners to rigorously sanitise all surfaces on a regular basis. Serviced apartments tend to have fewer guests, but for longer stays. Our professional cleaners focus solely on making sure that all of our corporate serviced apartments are deeply cleaned to the highest standard before and after your stay. There’s also hand sanitizer readily available to you in the apartment. Rest assured that all the necessary precautions are taken to protect our guests at all times.


With less communal areas, serviced apartments are well set-up for the social distancing age and being in a self-contained unit will ensure you can self-isolate easily. You’ll have everything you’ll need within your apartment, so if you really want to stay indoors, then you don’t even need to venture out! Self-catering is ideal as it reduces deliveries. All of our corporate serviced apartments have been designed to bring that home-away-from-home vibe. This is important, especially when you’re away from your actual home in unprecedented times, because it gives reassurance and comfort.

Keeping connected

Nowadays, it’s so easy to keep connected with your team via video conferencing and screen sharing, as well as keeping connected with your family through various social media platforms. All of our corporate serviced apartments have fast Wi-Fi to help you complete your work efficiently and stay in touch with colleagues, clients and family. So, you’ll only need to leave your corporate serviced apartment when it suits you.

Overall, a serviced apartment is a space that you can control. You can choose as little interaction as you want, cook your own meals and do your own laundry, and can take comfort in knowing that space is yours, and yours only, for your stay.

Need to stretch those legs during isolation? Take a stroll to Cardiff Bay Barrage…

Our Serviced Apartments in Cardiff

The Lodge

Propspect Place, Ferry Court



The Coach House

76 A Upper King Craig Street



Marina Way

Watkiss Way, Cardiff Bay, CF110SA



The Nest

2 A Wedmore Road, Cardiff




Adventures Quay, Cardiff Bay



Church View

Maia House, Falcon Drive Cardiff



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