How Production Companies Work with DYZYN Living

We offer a flexible, efficient, competitively priced  serviced apartments in Cardiff. Having worked alongside and with the film industry since our start, we have a breadth of experience and understanding of the sector and the needs of you, our clients. We understand the importance of your budget and always keep your cost report in mind. A happy crew is very important, so whilst all our properties are reasonably priced, we never cut corners and always ensure your team is rested and ready to go.

We don’t expect there to be any problems during your stay with us, but if there is, all the guests are given our number and are able to contact us directly so that you don’t get 10 pm phone call or waste your time playing middle man.

Nothing is set in stone with film so we understand the need for flexibility in the accommodation department. We will do whatever we can to make ourselves feel like the extra member of staff you have always deserved.

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