How your workspace affects your mental health

The environment in which we immerse ourselves into every day can have a significant impact on both our physical and mental wellbeing. You may not realise it, but even the smallest things such as the chair you’re sitting in, can affect your mood.

The more comfortable your workspace is, the more positive and productive you will be. A positive environment feeds a positive mindset. Therefore, working in a space that makes you feel relaxed and happy is extremely important.

Picture this: a small office with dim lighting, one small window letting in minimum natural light, a desk overcrowded with irrelevant paperwork and a creaky chair that’s seen better days. Sounds awesome, right? Granted that much of the nation is now working from home due to the current Covid pandemic, but we’re all well aware of the type of working environment that we’re referring to.

So, whether you’re now working from home or still in the office, it’s vital that you take time to create a space that you’re happy and proud to work in. What do you need?

Space. Space is our number one priority when we choose our corporate serviced apartments for our guests. Making sure that you have enough room to work, but also room to get up and walk away from your laptop is important. You need space to breathe. This is one of the main benefits of choosing a serviced apartment over a hotel when you travel for business – you need to be able to work in a separate place to where you sleep. Otherwise, your brain will confuse when it’s time to switch off.

Colour. Psychologists have long said that colour can impact our mood and inspire certain behaviours – so add a splash! Here at DYZYN Living, we take careful consideration into how we use colour in our corporate serviced apartments.

A comfortable chair. You are sitting at that laptop for approximately 8 hours a day. Awkward furniture will just irritate you, plus contribute to back problems. Remember, it’s important to look after your physical health too.

Natural lighting. It’s no secret that the outdoors is a natural endorphin booster. Letting in plenty of natural light to your workspace will make you feel like you’re still connected and in sight of the outside world, and not cooped up in a box. Whilst on the topic of being outdoors, take a walk during your lunch break. Fresh air can make the world of difference to your mood and can really rejuvenate your brain.

Amenities. Making sure you have access to making food and coffee is essential – you need the fuel to power through. Plus, it’s always a good reason to take a little break from the laptop for 5.

Good Wi-Fi. This is a no brainer. You need a strong connection. We’ve all been there when it feels like your laptop is taking a million years to load a webpage and you’re contemplating throwing the darn thing at the wall. That’s why we’ve ensured that all our corporate serviced apartments have high-speed Wi-Fi to give you a smooth connection continuously.

So, if you feel like your mood could do with a boost, take a step back and analyse the space you work in. How can it be improved? Take this into consideration when booking your business accommodation too. After all, the number one priority is you.

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